Thursday, March 14, 2013

web cam and cubieboard

Well I'm back again with the computer vision, now with a webcam

The idea is to how fast is our cubieboard to do some exercise, as could be detect faces, or detect and object.

I've saved a couple of videos in different resolutions, they are saved from my desktop and you can see how the lag is working, it's not realistic exercise, but it can show as a little information.

First the code

#define WITH  640
#define HEIGHT 480

int main (int argc, char** argv)

Mat img;
bool salir=false;
double flagGrab,flagRetrieve, flag;

VideoCapture webCam(0);
//Change the size of the resolution (640x480,320x240,160x120)

    while ( waitKey(1) <= 0 && !salir)
        webCam.grab() ? :salir=true;

//here the code will start to work with the image
        imshow("Web Cam",img);

return 0;

and here the result, the videos are a little bit bored


With this videos I'll try to make the exercise to detect a pattern, on a real time detection.

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