Wednesday, March 20, 2013

cubieboard + arduino

A brain with senses

Cubieboard its a great system to manage software and even some hardware it has a lot of connections

But If you want an extra power to works in real time such is needed in robotics, drones, 3d Printer, work with sensors, etc, we need an extra.

And arduino give us this power.

Arduino can sense the environment by receiving inputs, and do actions over lights, motors, servos, and other kind of actuators.

Supports analog connections , digital connections.
Low power consume
Exists a lot of shields to work with (list of shields)
A lot of libraries ready to work.
Very easy to program and develop

The idea is to work with a cubieboard for software , arduino to control the hardware and communicate them using serial port

This is the idea one cubieboard - serial cable - arduino
The brain need to know what happens is his legs.

I'm not going to publish to fast as I did at the computer vision exercises, the next exercises will have a part of hardware with arduino and his programming, and software with cubieboard.

I'm still thinking about the communication between them, I'm going to start using serial communication and a I'm going to do my own protocol keep it as simple as possible

I also have to remember how to work with arduinos, it will take a little bit of time

All the exercises are made following this manual (but this link doesn't exist :S)
so use this one

The next projects will be
0º Communication test
1º Light sensor
2º Temperature sensor
3º Drive a DC motor

For all this projects I don't need the cubieboard, but I'm going to use it to develop the protocol of communications (cubieboard and arduino)

5º Use computer vision to follow a face (for example)

This projects can change meanwhile I improve my knowledge.
Please if any one has a comment, or other idea, will be marvelous to share, and let your comment.

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