Sunday, March 17, 2013

Linaro + opencv + exercise

Exercises with Ubuntu-Linaro

1º Load an image

2º Contours

libjpeg libjpeg-turbo Linaro
Load 199 63126
2Gray 61 4557
Trheshold 12 12 12
Create 32 11 10
find 53 3171
Draw 47 47 87
Total 404 209363

 3º Search one pattern

libjpeg-turbo Linaro
Load Source 11 6
Load Pattern 11 6
Search 488 487
Total 510 499

4º Haar-Features

The time is quite similar


The ubuntu-linaro is a little bit more fast, but it'snt a big difference.

I prefer to use raspbian cause it has a big community, and the information it's easy to find, and may be it has more things that I need, but I feel comfortable  in raspbian than in ubuntu-linaro.

But I know that I'm not taking all the power of the cubieboard, I've in mind to improve the compilation using cross compilation, and take advantage of the NEON acceleration, but I'll do latter when I've more knowledge 

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