Sunday, April 7, 2013

And now what ???

After some months of studies, the blog need to improve.

So I'm migrating to wordpress, and my first project will be start on it.

In this new blog I'm going to improve and learn all the knowledge needed to build a drone.

I'll try to do all the steps from zero.

By the moment it's the most simple design, a terrestrial vehicle with wheels  (it could have legs, or jump , crawl, so it's no so trivial )

The idea of this vehicle it's to be a base of test  and to improve, so it will be as simple as possible.

I'll try to use almost information I've searched on internet about similar things, and modify to accommodate to my project, like engines, batteries, gear, etc.

But for start, I'm going to design my own vehicle

 (arduino + cubieboard ) ^imagination = everything you can do

I hope to see you in my new blog, I'm doing this for the community to share and improve our knowledge.

Thanks for all and I'll see you at
And I'm thinking about this other board Udoo

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